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Having just bumped into this thread there are a few comments/questions/observations that I would like to make from over the English side of the Pond!
I read a question re how much compensation if any Princess were making but do not recall seeing an answer. So surely the question stands?
Princess used to be our favourite cruise line but I personally think that standards have dropped since the Carnival takeover. Prior to that takeover I had hoped that RCI and Princess would merge since RCI had the ships and Princess had the staff but it was not to be.
I would not expect MB to disclose his name if for no other reason than most posters do not do so either although I wish he used a spellchecker more!
The reason we cruise is to go somewhere i.e. the ports visited. If this were not the case then we would simply keep going backwards and forwards across the Atlantic (as we have done once) at the cheap prices on offer for such relocation cruises. I would be more than a little annoyed if, due to existing reasons such as underperforming engines, port visits were cancelled or curtailed and would expect compensation from whichever cruise line was concerned. Non pre-existing conditions such as a change in the weather or unexpected engine problems are a different matter entirely and, in common with most others, we have suffered them and received no compensation; as one poster said read your cruise contract.
Would problems with the engines/generators also cause problems with the stabilisers? If so maybe that explains the bouncing and swaying.
If Princess are indeed lying with respect to not disclosing a known problem with the ship which could cause the cruise itinerary not to be adhered to then somebody should sue them for millions of dollars; you can get that for falling over in the street so why not? Come on legal beagles tell me I am wrong!
Overall and to end I was considering a cruise on Dawn later on this year - I now am not!
Cheers. Paul
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