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Wake, as a matter of fact, if the itinerary serves my needs and the timing is agreeable, I will sail on other Princess ships, as well as other cruise lines. I try to weigh everything in balance when i make a travel decision. I have been on many princess ships in which i generally enjoyed them for the most part, as you can always find issues or problems if you look close enough. The main complaint about the dawn as you know, was one of not advising me and the other passengers, in a timely and upfront fashion, of the ships true condition and past history and the possibility of continued port changes/cancellations based on their previous sailings over the prior several months. With regard to the rest of the dawn princess product, there were good and bad areas , just unfortunately in my opinion, the bad far outweighted the good. Hopefully carnival will take into account, issues that me and other passengers have expressed with regard to the running of princess in the future, and will take the necessary steps to correct or return the company to what many past princess cruisers felt was once a top quality line. Thank you for your comments.
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