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I just got off the Sun Princess and our ship did have people sick with the Norwalk Virus. Im 25 years old and went on this cruise with my family. The first day was fine, but the 2nd day of the cruise we could not serve ourselves at the buffet. We could not even touch the salt and pepper or the sweet n low for our ice teas. Later that day we got a letter in our room informing us that some passengers have the Norwalk virus and explained how to prevent it. The Captain also talked about it the next day. It was pretty bad on the ship. The crew was pissed off since they had to do everything for us. It was a big pain not being able to touch anything. Three days into the cruise the cabin across from us got the Norwalk and workers would come in everyday in special protection suits with masks and clean and spray the rooms down. They did that everyday. Also, the entire ship was always being sprayed with some kind of spray. The cabin next to us also got the Norwalk virus and you could hear them flushing the toilet 50 times a day for at least 4 days. We had 4 cabins just in our area with Norwalk virus. The cabin that had it bad next to us was B-224 and B207. In the buffet area, you had to wait a long time for a table until it was sanitized. Their was not enough help since the crew had to get every thing for us. Sometimes you would wait 4 minutes for an ice tea. They also shut down one side for the buffet since their was not much help. So you had longer lines.

My sister heard that if someone vomited in a certain area, that they would quarantine the entire area and everyone inside. So if that happen around us, we would run out like hell. The cabin next to us was not able to go out at all since they had the virus. We saw a lot of doctors going into people rooms so when we saw that we would run away. Not to many people knew what was going on. Or the crew was trying to keep it a secret. A lot of crew members were very rude and treated us like all of us had the plague. I really did not care for this cruise. I did try to make the best of it. I been on Princess 8 times now and now I don't know if I really want to sail on them anymore. Not because of the Norwalk, but because the service was terrible everywhere and just had a lot of rude workers. The two knew girls up in the buffet area were the only nice ones and the dinning room service was so bad that I only went there three times. I got food posing from the dinning room area on the roast beef. Right after I ate the roast beef my stomach started to get sick. For 15 hours I had massive flew like symptoms and was not the Norwalk virus. I did not tell Princess because they would just say it was the Norwalk virus and would lock me and my brother and sister up in the cabin. I looked up food posing symptoms on the Internet and I had all of them. After 15 hours I was perfect.

Something is wrong with princess they really are stating to go down hill. Im not hard to please but this service was pathetic.

The last day of the cruise, My sister asked one the of peruser desk workers if they knew how many people were effected. They did not know how many, but they did say that it was started by a group of passengers that had the Norwalk virus on another ship the week before they came on ours and lied about that they did not have any Norwalk problems before coming on the Sun Princess.

So now I know that at least 89 passengers were sick. Thank god I only got food posing. I felt so sorry for the people in the cabin next to us for all their bathroom problems. It was there first time on Princess and they get the Norwalk virus.

Any information my name is
Brian Lashchuk
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