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Default Re: Re: Re: ADVISORY FUTURE SUN PRINCESS I was on it

Mike, Im glad you enjoyed your cruise so much, but you fortunately were not on the ship where dozens of people, {read above} got sick. I have been on several ships and have been affected by viral stomach infections and it certainly creates serious problems for all affected, especially since one of the reasons you come on a ship for is the food. I dont think that people being upset for the way they felt they were being treated or the lack of service that they may have felt occurred, makes people complainers or whiners. If someone experiences an unpleasant situation anywhere and someone else doesnt, it certainly creates different perspectives, and I dont see why people who go through unpleasant situations and express their disatisfaction, should be looked upon less favorably than others who fortunately didnt suffer the same fate. Im sure for what everyone pays nowadays for cruises, everyone would prefer a perfect vacation and , certainly not wish they had any issues to bring up which they feel affected their trip. Regards,
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