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Lisa, of course other ships have problems and are affected in various areas, but this is a princess site isnt it? And with regard to cruise aholics question, I thought he meant the quality of the ship, not about any illnesses aboard. I also thought erroneously obviously, that these boards were for the sole purpose for people to reflect their unbiased , honest, upfront opinions ,comments, whether good or bad, and not have to worry about any negative feedback from others in return. If you only want positive comments, then these site boards serve no purpose and should be dismantled. I am not nor are others denigrating a particular company/ship cause I or they tend to have less than glowing opinions in some instances. I have worked for the cruise /hotel industry and have been on over some 450-500 cruises/ships on some 11 lines and have stayed in countless hotels worldwide, and found many of them to be of high quality and standards, and have written about them in the positive. However, I have also been on a considerable amount which I believe they havent met the standards or dealt with passengers in the way they should and I express that as well... If people like me and others are unable to express candid observations, and are met upon by criticism and downgrading, then I think you dont need to even read these boards, cause you already can only see positive things, and have already made up your mind to begin with.
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