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I did not diagnosed myself with food poisoning. I did get it. Norwalk virus last at least 2 full days. I was only sick for 10 hrs. 30min after eating the pot roast. The food was not good at all in the dinning room. My parents heard a few people complain and returning their shrimp for being warm. That's not good!

Don't mess with me oceantraveler. I have been on 24 cruises in the last 12 years and been on Princess 8 times. I know how Princess should be. Im not hard to pleases, but I do expect at least one dam refill of ice tea for dinner and my plates to be cleared after im done in the dinning room. I had the plates in front of me for 10 minutes and the bus boy was just staring at us. One waiter was refusing to let my bother get well done for his meat. The waiter was actually urging with my brother. So my bother just walked out of the restaurant. Another waiter was almost forcing my parents to buy a drink. After saying no twice the waiter said in a snotty manner "you don't know what your missing." My dad said "yah we do!" My dad use to be an alcoholic and all of us don't drink because of that. Every waiter and bus boy sucked in the dining room for anythine dining. I don't spend $900 to be treated like ****! All 5 of us deducted 75% of our tips. Of course, the cabin stuart got extra because he was great. Princess needs to shape up or they are going to loose good passengers that will keep going on them. Im only 25 and I have been on 24 cruises and im not even a travel agent. I have been on Princess 6 times to Alaska and twice with them on the 10 cruise to the Caribbean. So they aren't cheap cruises.

I never put down Princess before. I always use to brag about them and tell people to go on Princess. Now, Im going to tell my story to everyone.

oceantraveler, You were not there, so you can't say anything. I did a lot of research on Norwalk virus and food posing and I had food posing. You don't urinate out super yellow thick urine when you have the Norwalk Virus. You only urinate like that if you have food posing. If I did have the Norwalk virus I would had been sick a lot longer than 10 hours. The people beside us were sick for 4 days going diarrhea 20 times a day.
Oceantraveler, I did not go see the doctor because I know that I did not have the Norwalk virus and the doctors don't know ****. If you are sea sick they will lock you up because they think even thing is the Norwalk virus. And if I did have the Norwalk virus how come my brother and sister did not get sick? If one person has the Norwalk then everyone will get it in your cabin.

Im disappointed in you Ocean traveler.

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