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I agree with Kuki. These threads have gone from exchange of ideas to one of rancor. Maybe it is a sign of the times, but as Kuki said, should end. Complaints or negative information can be of value, if presented calmly, factually and without broad generalities. Replies in same manner.

I have also sailed on many many cruises, but only twice with Princess. We were on a 30 day cruise with the Sapphire (LA to Sydney). The ship is absolutely beautiful, the food great, and with few exceptions, the service friendly and always helpful. Even though I am a Celebrity fan, I was greatly impressed with the Sapphire, and am booked for the 19 day cruise--Osaka to Seattle.

However, after reading these threads, I am unsure about taking a Carribean cruise with princess, as that is the itinery that seems to have the most complaints. I hope these are aberrations, and Princess is not in decline.

By the way, Wellington port was cancelled due to high winds and heavy seas. No one complained, as we knew safety came first.

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