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Well whatever I had I know it was not the Norwalk virus. Im sorry that it seemed like I attacked you, in this board it seems like you can't say anything bad. All I know is that Princess is not like it use to be. Even when I was on the Dawn in June up in Alaska it was not as good like it use to be. So that's why im going to try Celebrity. One of my teachers is a cruise agent and she had bad things happen with Princess and her clients so she never sells Princess anymore. She pushes Celebrity. I sure wish that RCCL bought out Princes not Carnival.

Ocean traveler you said that one thing about Internet travel boards is that you never sure who your are talking to? Well, im 25 I live in San Diego ca, I have 15 cat's, live with my family near the beach since it cost $900,000 for a crappie house. I love AVIATION and the American Civil war. I go to school, major in History and I take care of all my parents apartments. I suck in spelling as you can see and Im a big time Civil War buff. I collect all kinds of dug up items from the civil war and love going ghost hunting at Gettysburg. I love flying everywhere a lot of times just for fun. Sometimes I fly to Hawaii and back for the day just to fly. I love to travel except international. Canada is as far as I go besides going on Cruise ships. If you saw me on the ship taking pictures of a Confederate flag on the bow that was me. I love flags of the civil war and take bride in CSA.

Now you know who I am and know a little something about me. Sorry if I got all jumpy.
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