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Brian, it's okay, no hard feelings. It's just it bothers me when people mention they got sick on a ship and did not get assistance. You may not have had th Norwalk virus but another transferrable illness, just because no one around you became sick doesn't mean you did not have something contageous.

I don't want to bicker about it. Happy travels.

I come from a small town about 2 hours from Gettysburg, visited there about 2 years ago and had some spooky experiences ourselves. I'm sure you know about the Jenny Wade house, during a ghost tour the guide told us of how traveler's video cameras break down when shooting the house. Sure enough, next morning my spouse went to take video of the house and the camera eats our recording tape. That never happened to us before. Then we did the tour and we took a great photo of a light above Jenny Wade's bed. It was downright spooky. We sent the photo into the "Ghosts of Gettysburg" tours. We never had a supernatural experience before and still can't explain it until this day. Gettysburg is a great town, am looking forward to returning as we live on the west coast too now.
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