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Mike Miller
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My family and I were also on the Sun Princess sailing in question. I DO NOT COMPLAIN UNLESS IT IS REALLY NEEDED! I can deal with sickness on a ship. You can't do anything about that. What I can't deal with is when I pay $1500 per person for a cruise to get treated like crap. It seems everyday somebody was *****y or yelling at us for some stupid reason. I've been on 25 cruises and not just cheap 3 day cruises on Carnival. I've spent a lot of money on premium and adventure lines. So I think I know what I am talking about. The people sticking up for Princess, Do you work for them??? If you do, then please tell higher ups to listen to the people who think Princess is going down hill. I've cruised on them 8times. I know how it should be. When you are told you can't order food a certain way, when you are made fun of for not drinking, and you get yelled at for asking for a bigger helping at the Horizon Court. I am sorry but are you all saying that this is ok. Well, if this is the future of cruising then I don't want any part of it. I have a long life ahead to travel and if this is how the industry is getting then I will find something else to do. Princess is no longer a Premium Line and they shouldn't advertise that they are. Since they were bought by Carnival they service is terrible, the food is bad, and people are rude. This was on the past two cruises on Dawn and Sun. I am the easiest person to please and if I complain about something then it must be really really bad.

Unless you were on the Jan 8 sailing on Sun Princess then you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND CAN'T STICK UP FOR SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I think what the problem was also on this sailing was Sun Princess got a lot of new crew that didn't know what they were doing or didn't care. I know this because I asked.

We've had some awesome cruises on Princess before and I hope it was just a problem on this one sailing and I hope they are not like this fleet wide. But to tell you the truth I am scared to sail on them again unless I hear alot more positive reviews on Princess

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