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Mike Miller
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It sounds to me like is a piece of garbage. I wonder if he is jealous of a young person (1011) going on so many cruises and he hasn't. Maybe if he has been on 25+ cruises on all lines then he can comment. It sounds two me RE:1011s post that he(Richard) is two faced. I also looked up his reviews and 1011s reviews. It sounds to me like 1011s reviews are very positive except for this one on Sun Princess. And other reviews are very negative. I too was on this Sun Princess sailing so richard can't comment because he wasn't on it. I value a review by 1011 because it sounds to me like he is very honest. It sounds like is the type of person that would say something behind your back and if confronted he would pee in his pants. I wouldn't even pay attention to someone like that 1011 because this guy is just a piece of garbage who is just jealous of your travels. Please continue to write your very honest reviews and keep up the great work.

If someone would like to write me about the Sun Princess sailing then please send me a email since I was on it too and would tell you the truth.

Mike Miller
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