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I got a lot of nice e-mails from a lot of people and that makes me feel a lot better. I really appreciate that! Maybe Richard works for Princess and he was just really mad at my review? All I know is that their are better ways for E-mailing someone your thoughts.

(RMT) No, I don't mind you asking, I get that a lot. I have been cruising three times a year for the past 11 years. One time in summer, one time for Christmas brake and maybe one for Easter brake. Most of my cruises I have been on was with my parents, so they usally paid for it or I jsut paid the 3rd person rate. 8 cruises I paid for my self with my bother and sister. We always get inside cabins and go when its cheaper like December or January. I have been on a lot because when I get a real job I wont be going on so many cruises. Maybe one a year. I love to travel and I want to travel as much as possible. I get a lot of older people telling me travel a lot when your young because when you get old you can't sometimes. A lot of older people tell me that they wish they traveled more when they were young.

One of the best cruises that I have been on was Cruise West to Alaska. Though, it cost a lot but, it was totally wroth it. The other fun cruise was on the SS Norway which is now gone. That was so different. The SS Norway was the SS France built in 1954. I was so happy when NCL bought the SS United Sates. I wish that NCL would fix up the SS United States. I don't think that is going to happen. I wish I could have gone on Princess old ships like the old Pacific Princess. The older ships are so cool! Each one was different. All the ships now look the same. Well, im off the subject again.

If you can get time off in December you can get great deals in the Caribbean or sometimes on Holland America to Mexico from San Diego. But, since I just go to school and work for my dad it's easier for me to cruise around those times. My sister has her own Pet Sitter service so she can take off whenever she wants. But, all of us try to cruise together. I like going with my Parents, even though sometimes they are a pain sometimes. They are fun to watch. My dad always does something stupid. No matter where we go on the ship my dad always find us. Maybe it is better going on the bigger ships. Just kidding!

I was on the Dawn to Alaska in June and the ship was nice and clean. The service was good. But, it seems that every cruise is different. I don't no how it is now?

Take care,
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