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Default Re: personal choice dining

jbprincess - you can change your dining choice from Anytime to Traditional -if there is space available - do it now. Traditional dining fills up very fast. If you are concerned about long-waits and lines. No such thing in Traditional dining. You arrive when the dining room opens, you are escorted to your assigned table the first night, you meet your waitstaff. You dine at the same time every night, same table, same waitstaff - personal attention - your waitstaff gets to know your likes and dislikes will make recommendations accordingly. You won't even have to ask for your cocktail. Your waiter will ask you would you like your " Absolute & Tonic with a twist of lemon tonight"??
If you try traditional dining and find that its not to your liking you can always switch to Anytime Dining, all you do is tell the Maitre D.
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