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Default Re: Anyone recently sail the Caribbean Princess?

we were on here in february. Great ship. Clean, no lines. Make certain you try the pizza! I know, your going n a crusie and I am saying try pizza, its the best in the world!

Cafe Carib is great at night for some shell fish.

I found the movies under the satrs to 1) never be crowded and 2) noisy during the day. Personal choice if you want to sit there during the sun days!

Personal Choice....up to you. After two crusies and utilizing this, i recommend you try one the first night, if your server is good or better, ask the maitre de for the same table the same time each night. $20 can usually get this done! Regardless, early in the crusie, book a time for each night. While the wait for no more than a cocktail, the later in the crusie the longer the wait!

If princess has a fault, its one, the entertainment is week. Very week. But understandably you cant put your money into everyhting. The ships clean, food great, but the entertainment was very very week. the shows..were the wekest.

Also, Princess palces signs everywhere saying no reserving of deck chairs! Totally ludicrous. On our crusie i got up earlier each day to try and get some chairs and was never ever ever able to find 4 together as peopel were up at sun up to get locations.

Plenty of chairs, but princess does a poor job of stopping this practice.

Bottom line, we are sailing with Princess again next year so that in and of itself is the ebst recommendation
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