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I had vertigo after our first cruise, and it was hard to carry on with normal activities. I had not taken anything for seasickness on that cruise, and was pretty uncomfortable a couple of different times. I once had vertigo when I had not been on a cruise. I had been to my local fitness facility, and the doctor seemed to think that the vertigo stemmed from using a hot tub there, and that the water was too hot. He prescribed Anti-vert, which had my vertigo cleared up in a couple of days. Anti-vert is the same medication as Bonine, or generically: meclizine. I have tried the sea bands which did NOT work for ME...........but I know they do for a lot of people. We have been told by various crew members to eat a lot, to not eat, to eat bread, to take ginger, to eat onions, to stay away from alcohol (we don't drink alcohol), and to stay up on deck. I guess that different things work for different people.
Since my first cruise, I have used the patch..........except for one cruise when the patch was off the market. I then used Meclizine.
For ME....the patch is the best. I don't have any side effects, and I continue to wear it for a couple of days after I get home...........have not had vertigo after cruising, since that first cruise. My husband has no problem at all, and doesn't use anything.
I do hope your vertigo is soon gone, and like others, suggest that anyone check with their physician before deciding on a sea sickness remedy.
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