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Default Re: Sun Princess Experiences in So. Caribbean?

We were on the Sun 4/8/05 for a 10 day cruise. We really liked the ship, small in size but we couldn't believe it was 10 years old. It is kept up nicely. The crew are friendly and always say Hello and greet you. We chose traditional seating but then switched to personal choice. We liked personal choice much better, we requested the same table at the same time every night and it worked out well. My husband likes to eat in the dining areas instead of the buffet. We found the buffet to be very confusing . We chose to take the tips off our account and tip in the "envelopes" at the end of the cruise, (our choice) it works for us. There were a few other couples who did the same. We found that some crew in the dining areas were not as attentive as others so we tip by service not because we have to. My husband is a very generous tipper!! It seemed to us that the crew feels that they will get the tip regardless ot the service, so we felt that the ones who did the service got the tips that they deserved. The captain was a little standoffish but we realized that after this cruise he was heading for his vacation, so that may have been the reason. If you happen to be lucky enough to have Glenn in the Atrium as entertainer you will enjoy him very much, We did!! The singers and dancers could be better, but they weren't terrible. The entertainment they did have was good. It all depends on what you like. The Wheelhouse bar had a great group with the girl singer. We enjoyed them also. This was our first 10 day cruise and we are hooked, in fact, we booked a 10 day Panama Canal on the Coral for 4/06. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. I hoped I helped. I wish you a wonderful cruise.


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