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We just read this morning that it hit Grenada. This is so terrible because last Sept. they were hit and 90% of the island was destroyed. One woman who we was our tour guide said that she was in her home under rumble for 8 hours with her children until the storm passed. She had nothing left and now lives in a shelter. She said that if they get hit again it would be devastating to the island. These people are among the poorest too. She said it would be years to grow the spices again. So very sad. We were there in March 04 and again in April 05 and we could tell how much they lost. You could see by looking at the trees how it just sliced through. St. Vincent on the other hand did not receive any damage. I don't know about this time though. The islands are so beautiful but can be very dangerous when the hurricanes hit. We have friends in Florida that have been evacuated four times last year. Take care and be safe from these storms. You sure do live in a beautiful state.


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