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Default fort lauderdale airport check-in (post caribbean princess)

Hi all-

thanks for the previous replies to questions i had about trying Princess (caribbean princess) for the first time. Well i'm booked for a Jan 7th cruise out of Lauderdale. Can someone shed some light on airline (specifically Delta Song) check in procedures. There are only 2 direct flights to WindsorLocks (CT) on my return day--one at 10am (too soon in my opinion) and another at 6:40pm. If i book on the 6:40pm do you know off hand if Delta will allow a passenger to check in luggage several hours prior to the flight ( 11am or so). That would allow me to carefully pack a carry-on on the last night of this cruise proceed to the airport to check in bags, then cab it over to the beach and spend my 'waiting' time on the shoreline.

The reason why i question this is due to the fact that i expirienced a 4 hour max. time to check in bags with another carrier (southwest airlines) on a recent trip to Orlando.

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