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This was the best trip ever! We were there last February. Gaugin outdoes itself!
You will love Moorea and Bora Bora!!!

There is a 'special restaurant' (can't remember its name) where you are able to make a reservation one time during the week. But you may also try to get other reservations there (if available) that same morning of the night you wish to dine. We usually ate later in the evening also and I believe that helped. We were able to do this 4 times without any problems and there were empty tables there so we didn't feel we were taking someone else's place. Recipes of our favorite dishes were even printed up for us at the end of the cruise! The main dining room was excellent also. We prefered sitting at a table with just the two of us and were never made to feel uncomfortable about our 'privacy' request.

We almost never saw our Cabin attendant but everything was well tended and emaculate! They have mastered the art of staying out of the way but always being available when you need them.

The stocked mini bar (with 2 bottles of your favorite premium liquor chosen before you leave the states--ask your travel agent) was very nice...we fixed a drink and relaxed in our room before dinner....a nice thing after a busy day touring or sunning. Premium wines poured at dinner were of EXCELLENT quality!

In respect to day tours, if you find that you will be gone through lunch, you can call down the day before and order a 'box lunch for two' to be picked up before you board the tender to go ashore to the tours. There is no need to go without lunch! They pack a wonderful box lunch with fruit, sandwiches or chicken, soft drink, brownies or a cookie, etc. We learned that little trick from a friend who used to work on the ship!

The entire staff was friendly and attentive, polite and intuitive.

It was the most relaxing cruise we've ever taken. Well worth the money! We had the most modest state room and it was superb!

By the way, the 'dressy casual' attire is also nice! My husband had several 'brushed silk' Tommy Bahama type shirts that looked great with his navy blue sports jacket. He really didn't need the sports jacket either!

Raddison has figured out the secrets to the best cruise experience, in my opinion!
There are so many little extras on Paul Gauguin that you will appreciate. The shore excursions were wonderful and never crowded.

Have a great trip! We're envious!! We're planning a cruise to the Caribbean now and unfortunately, I'm afraid it will be difficult finding a cruise line to match our last Raddison experience! We're hopeful though.
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