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Default Re: 6/04 Navigator to Bermuda, younger people?

We did this cruise last year and thought it was great but since we did it in May the beach weather was not very good. Way too cold. Anyway,we thought that that might be the reason it was such an older crowd. We are doing it again in June with the hope that it will be a lot warmer. It is definitely not a party ship but there's good places with bands and stuff to do when the boat is in port. I would compare the crowd to the guests that you would see at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. Same people same style. You will not see staggering drunks and screaming brats like on Carnival cruises. Wait til you see the cabins. The bathrooms are unbelievable. We have been on other lines and this is the best. You can easily have a zero tab when you check out. We also think that Bermuda cruises are a little more quiet than the Carribean cruises and We are going to do an RSSC island one next year, but it is so easy for us to leave from n.y. Need any answers--- ask away.
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