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Default Re: Re: Cruise Insurance

I have had to make claims on two insurance companies, Travel Insured and Travel Guard. With Travel Insured, my Father-in-law passed away back home while we were on an 18 day cruise from San Francisco to Tahiti and we had to disembark at the first port, Maui. With the initial claim, they paid about 90% of what I asked and then paid the remaining after I wrote a follow up letter.

I am presently in the process of claims with Travel Guard. For this policy, I took out the medical where it is secondary coverage. So I had to file with my primary when I got home and then send the statement of benefits to thier 3rd party company, Mercury Insurance, for the remainder.

I always take out the insurance within the first 10 to 14 days (depends on the company) of putting down a deposit as they waive any pre-conditions that one might have, even if they didn't know they had them.

Anything can happen while traveling, either to you or to family back home. As such, we always take out such insurance. Just one trip to the doctor on board, if there are tests and prescriptions, could pay for the policy. On our last cruise, those charges ran over $400.

Also, if one is a Plus Member of AAA, there is $25,000 of medical evacuation included in that membership. Even though we are members, we still get the general policy that covers everything from one of the companies at:
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