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When we went, the skies were blue and the temps were very warm. The ports along the Inside Passage were in the 80's! So make sure you bring several short sleeve tops and maybe a pair of shorts. Also take long sleeve layers along for the day at Hubbard Glacier. It was very cold as we approached the Glacier. We wore wind pants with silk long underwear, cotton long sleeve tops with long sleeve fleece tops over that. Plus our wind/rain jackets. Also wore gloves and a headband to cover my ears. It was very windy and cold. Make sure you have a hooded jacket in case you run into rain.

Once we got to the Glacier and stopped for viewing, it was a little warmer, but we still needed long sleeves and slacks. Also take sun screen and binoculars.

For dinner, it was nice country club casual everynight except the second night was CCC with a jacket for the men. I wore nice pants outfits and knee length skirts with nice tops for dinners Jim wore a blazer with a nice shirt and nice pants most nights. He didn't wear his jacket everynight, but maybe most nights. We were surprised at how many guys wore their jackets and ties to dinner. But it is certainly not required.

If you go to Signatures, for sure wear something nice and men must wear a jacket there. Jim also wore a tie that night. The lamb was awesome.

A few ladies wore sparkly tops with long skirts or pants, but again, it is whatever you feel comfortable in. No need for sparkly stuff. It was generally a mix of skirts and nice pants for the ladies.

We only took 2 Radisson excursions - the Skagway railroad and the tour in Sitka. We faxed our request in as soon as we got our docs and we had no problems with anything being full. We also took the Captain Larry whale watching in Juneau. We had signed up for Island Wings flight for Misty Fjords in Ketchikan. We ended up not stopping there because one of the propeller got wrecked with a log and we had to go at half speed after Juneau. Boo hoo.

Loved the railroad in Skagway. The tour in Sitka was nice but not great. Captain Larry was fun but a little scary as far as getting back to the ship on time. But it was not a problem.

We heard that the Tracey Arm excursion was fantastic and I wish we would have taken it. I would recommend it according to what I heard.

We loved Alaska and the cruise. The service and food was to die for. Everything was handled wonderfully. The entertainment was great. Can't say enough good things about it.

Have an excellent time. Please ask more questions - I love helping out.

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