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Canadian Cruisr,

Found below is an excellent list posted by Jim B..from another board and a veteran PG cruiser.

We are going for two weeks in early March and have ten dives planned. Six with
the PG, 3 with Bora Bora Dive Center and one with Acquatica on Raiatea.

The PG dive staff will handle all your equipment needs (BC, Mask, Wetsuit, Fins, Tanks)

Although, they provide everything, am taking my mask, fins, wetsuit.

List Follows:

1)You are probably about packed but I thought I would send you this little helpful packing list.
Take a cheap air matress. Great to use on Tahaa but if you do the beach in Bora Bora it really comes in handy. Just leave it when you are finished.
2)12 ft extention cord if you want to use the hair dryer in the bathroom and not at the dressing table by the bed.
3)some extra hangers
4)No coat and ties!!
5)Here is what I would take if I ever get the opprotunity to go back to FP
2 pair shorts. (khaki & navy or black)
2 pair slacks (khaki & navy or black)Docker style or dress slacks. Either one ok.
3 swim trunks
4 T-shirts (one to wear snorkling)
4 polo /short sleeved sport shirts
1 pair reef shoes
1 pair sandels
1 pair dress shoes
I would pack all the shoes and heavy things in a 16 inch satchell that hooks over a 25 inch suitcase handle. I would take an additional 16 inch satchell which I would use as a carry on.
This way you will not have to worry about the 50 pound per bag limit,(2 bags per person), and when tugging them around the airport you are only pulling one bag with one over your shoulder.
Ladies make adjustments to this list. Sun dresses work fine. Make sure you take a shawl. Perfect for going to dinner.
Don't be afraid to wear something more than once.
You will see that the people who do a lot of traveling do this.
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