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Default What to expect on a longer cruise?

My fiance and I are considering taking eiter the 93 day or 108 day world cruise on Radisson for our honeymoon. Neither of us have ever taken a cruise longer than 26 days, and were wondering what toe xpect on such a long voyage? Also, if anyone could reccommend which would be the best suites for us? We'd like to have a decent amount of space since we'll be living on board for so long. I was considering a Grand Suite on the Voyager because I love the Jacuzzi (at least thats what I think it is) next to the window on the voyager, or the seven seas suite on the mariner, any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated?
Also, are we going to feel terribly out of place, age wise? We're both in our 20's. However we're both educated professionals (laweyer & psychologist), and I think we're (usually) pretty mature for our age, and are definitly looking for a more refined experience (with no towel animals, preferably) .
I've never been on a radisson cruise before (only disney, norweigan, princess, carnival (never again), and rccl), and we were thinking about taking a short radisson cruise before the wedding, so we'd be eligable for that 5% savings on the longer cruise (which would add up to a pretty good sum). Is the a good idea? A bad idea?
Thanks so much!-Alex
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