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Lady Jag
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Default RCI Needs Open Dining!!

Princess has Personal Choice, NCL has Freestyle Dining, why can't RCI join the rest and have a traditional dining experience on a less time constraining schedule?

We've done Personal Choice, and although we were against it until we tried it, we LOVED it afterwards. It made dining a pleasure!! We didn't have to plan our day by our dining seating time. When we got back from shore excursions, showered, got ready, went to the salon (when everyone else was eating), THEN we would eat. It was SOOOO nice not to have to work our day around dinner!

Yes, there are alternative dining options, but you can't realistically do that every night. Our service was impeccable despite the fact that we had a different waiter every night. Now that we've tried this way of dining, it is going to be VERY hard to go back to a regimented dining schedule on RCI. Anyone else feel this way?
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