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Lady Jag
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Default Re: RCI Needs Open Dining!!

I TOTALLY agree with you, dsawyer. I don't think RCI should totally do away with the traditional dining program. They should OFFER BOTH, as Princess does. They don't have any problems with offering BOTH dining options, so why should RCI have a problem with it? RCI needs to get with the times and make this change, which I believe, is for the better. It gives passengers a choice of dining. You can only take the Windjammer so much and their aren't 7 alternative dining options. We need to be able to eat in the dining room when it's convenient for US, the paying passengers. This system has proven highly successful with other lines, so those of you that say 'it won't work', aren't correct. All we can do is hope that someone with RCI is getting the point and is willing to make the change.
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