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Default Re: RCI Needs Open Dining!!

It may seem that is what we are saying, but I'm not sure that I buy the premise that by adding the freestyle dining you desire, they wouldn't change, maybe only subtly, the cruise experience for those of us who prefer the traditional two seatings. On RCI ships, for example, the kitchens might not be geared to handle both types of service. Show times might need to be altered or adjusted to make sure that one performance isn't too heavily attended and the other sparsely attended. In the balconied dining rooms of some RCI ships, the performances by the waiters, already cut back to only one or two nights on most cruises, would be more difficult to schedule with the freestyle cruisers coming and going at all different times. (I know that after a few cruises, the singing waiters routine, and the flaming dessert parade may seem to be a bit hokey, but not everyone is on their seventeenth cruise, some are on their first, and to them this "spectacle" is part of what they understand the cruise experience to be. (Try to remember your first cruise). If adding a freestyle dining option could exist in a vacuum, I would endorse your proposal, but since it can't, I guess I'm hesitant about changing RCI's style of operation in this regard. Since those who prefer freestyle cruising have several lines and many ships as alternatives, our stance is not the same as those smokers who tell non-smokers that they should sail on a non-smoking ship. We should all keep in mind that RCI will eventually do what it determines to be in its best interests. All we are doing here is expressing our opinions. How much weight RCI would give to those opinions is something only they can decide.
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