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Default Switched to Sept.29 sailing! U going??

I was scheduled to be on this weekends Sept15 sailing of the Explorer. Due to the tragic events we've all experienced this week, and my inability to get to Miami, we've now moved to the Sept. 29 sailing.
Transborder flights from Canada are still somewhat questionable, but I'm hoping to be able to leave this coming Thursday, and make it to the port to board the Carnival Triumph Sept 22 for the CruiseMates/John Heald Cruise, then board the Explorer afterwards on the 29th.

We'll hopefully be doing our rescheduled Virtual Cruise Reports beginning on Sept.29 from Explorer.

I believe that one of the things I can do, to do my part in this tragedy, is to get back up and as close to "normal" living as possible.

We so much enjoy meeting "net friends", and in these difficult times I think even more than usual, it would be nice finding other cruisemates on our sailing.
If u're going to be there... let's hear from U.

Kuki... God Bless America (I'm Canadian)
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