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Default Re: Cruise Critic Down ?

I'm sure those who frequent the CC message boards are upset that their message boards are down. I'm also sure they'll get them back up in some form soon.
And we certainly want to welcome everyone's posts here at CruiseMates! In fact, we ENCOURAGE your participation.

But I do think it's a disservice to our site to post in all the various folders about this issue. Only those in control of Cruise Critic have the real answers to these questions, and it seems obvious they aren't talking, or they'd offer some sort of explanation on their homepage, and answer the e-mail inquiries.

We have a message board folder for "OFF TOPIC" conversation called CHIT CHAT.
Here's the link to it.. <>
I encourage you to discuss this there, as opposed to using folders designed for specific discussions.
But please DO FEEL WELCOME to post in the various discussions going on, or ask any cruise questions or comments in the various folders!!
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