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Default Re: Things you can't bring aboard RCI

Here we go again! You spend "thousands of dollars" on a cruise and are even thinking about dragging on your own liquor, soda, beer, potato chips, juice and water? You are going to an elegant cruise ship... not a tail gate party or picnic! No... I'm not talking about a fine cognac not available on the ship to sip on your veranda before retiring... or a great Bordeaux packed in with your bags for "that special dinner". What I do see are people wanting to bring on quantities of these items to avoid paying for them on the ship... and in the process helping to destroy the ambiance and vitality of cruise ships. Sure you can buy it cheaper at home... but you can eat cheaper at home to, rather than going out to a fine restaurant. I cannot help but feel that this results in the overall deminishment of the cruise experience.
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