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Default Re: Things you can't bring aboard RCI

Gee Ernie, don't you know that it is now okay to "do your own thing"? I mean, you paid for a cruise so shouldn't you be able to go to dinner in your bathing suit? How about a robe as you intend on just sitting around chugging beer anyway? I was really upset that they wouldn't allow me to bring my motorcycle! Now I will have to spend all that money to rent one in the ports! I won't even tell you what they said when I asked about taking the dogs with us or about bringing the horse! Hey, I am sure the horse would like to take a ride on the beach and the dog always goes with us at home so why not?
All this of course is tongue in cheek. People, you are getting a tremendous deal if you sit down and figure up the costs should you do this same vacation in a resort or on land traveling by car. Yes these things cost more onboard a ship and a ship makes money off them but so what, you are not required to buy this stuff. Ever notice that your 'meals' in the hotel resturant are higher than what you can get somewhere else for the most part? How about that $1 bag of chips in the machine that has maybe 8 chips in it? Cruise ships still aren't ripping people off compared to other vacation venues. Think about those $6.50 hot dogs at Disney world! Or how about those $4 soft drinks in a 16oz cup? Give it a rest and enjoy the cruise.
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