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Default Re: Things you can't bring aboard RCI

We sailed on the Explorer of the Seas 10/20. We had a drink in the Weekend Warrior bar, on the Royal Promenade the first day. I had a glass of house Chardonay, which I liked very much. We bought a bottle to bring to our stateroom and paid about $18.00. The bartender even opened it for me and gave me an ice bucket to put it in.
When we were in St. Thomas I bought a bottle of Chardonay and my husband bought a bottle of Merlot and we carried them on board. No one said a word.
I think, they may frown if you bring large quantities on board to consume. We bought plenty of drinks in the lounges and dining room and on deck during our cruise with our family of 11.
You wouldn't bring your own wine or spirits to a restaurant that has a liqueur license shoreside, would you? So why should it be different with the cruise lines. I feel that they have to make up lost revenue someplace, as cruise rates are lower than ever. I wouldn't want their food or service to be negatively affected by the low cruise rates.
Happy Cruising!
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