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Default Re: Attempt at clarification

Not Quite. While your rights are primarily governed by contract with the line, that line operates out on US ports, advertises in the US, and its ticket contract states that applicable law and courts are those of the US state of Florida. (read the back of your ticket) And, RCI is a US company on the NY stock exchange.Now the rights of which I speak deal with our rights to be free of active and passive misrepresentation in the booking contract, which is definitely under US jurisdiction. I started this topic because RCI had seemingly restricted their beverage policies important to me as a past customer, without making this known to me and others. Not even those who recently booked can find any reference to this in their documents.Later postings have indicated, far to the contrary of my first motivation, that the things have turned into drunken party ships, where people openly haul on cases of booze. I opened this topic to inform people of what RCI is neglecting to inform. For what it's worth, I don't like either extreme, and you bet I have booked my next cruise elsewhere.
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