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Heard about this "party ship" problem on another board, Robocop, do you work for this site or are you just an interested cruise consumer? Boy, one can sure be misunderstood on a board, if he isn't careful. Hard for me to communicate this way. Hey, all I want is a clear and consistent statement of RCI's current beverage (hard and soft) rules, so I can make an informed decision, as can all cruisers. I've sailed RCI three times, last on the Grandeur in 01/01 to the Southern Caribbean. Best cruise I've had. Then, I could buy liquor on the ship for my room, but especially could bring on Diet Coke(our favorite drink) and bottled water which my wife needs for a medical condition. Hear it's not that way anymore. If you work for this site, maybe you could help us get a clear policy statement, and the way it really is, out of RCI's president in tomorrow's chat. Don't want to insult or ctiticize him. Just want the facts. Thanks
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