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Default Re: Things you can't bring aboard RCI

My husband and I lived and worked in Madrid Spain for a year and of course fell in love with their red wine (Rioja region). Since it was "Native" Spanish wine purchased in Spain there were no sulfites.

I visited my local wine shop here in Atlanta looking for the Spanish Rioja wines and ALL contained sulfites. "Contains SUFITES" is always listed on the wine label (both reds and whites).

In discussions with the HAL wine steward and hotel staff, it seems that every bottle of wine MUST contain sulfites if it is to be sold in the U.S. Remember the ships get their supplies from the US.

So, when my husband and I cruise internationally, we "stock up" on wines and bring them home with us to the US. We also bring lots of bubble wrap to make sure the bottles arrive home safely.

Remember sulfites are a preservative and can be found in almost everything served on the ship. i.e. salads, orange juice, smoked lox, etc.

If you have some severe allergies to sulfites, it is best to check with the Hotel Matre' de to find out what foods use the additives on the cruise ships and stay away from that food.

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