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Default Re: Now what should I pack?

Just got back from the Sensation yesterday. What you described sounds perfect to me. We ate in the "formal" dining roon every night. The first night was very casual, even saw some jeans. Most women were in capris with blouses or dress slacks. Men wore Docker's, kahkis etc. with collar shirts (polos mostly). Second night is formal. Most people (90%) were totally decked out. Gowns, sparkly tops with long skirts, cocktail dresses. Men wore dark suits, very few tuxes. Photographers are set up all over with different back drops so take advantage of a few. You don't have to buy any that you don't like but it was nice to be able to pick and choose the best shots. ($20.00 for 8x10) The rest of the time it was very mixed. Some people dressed up to the hilt and others were casual. I was suprised on the last night to see many people dressed formally again. Also the photographers were set up again. I hadn't planned on that. The only things not to wear would be jeans and shorts. You won't be turned away, but you will feel very underdressed. By the way, the food was fantastic. Easily the best meals I have ever had. Our waiter (Anak) and asst. (Pamida?) were wonderful. The food was always hot and we never felt rushed. I will post a full review soon. When do you sail? Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. I will say that we had a great time and I would reccomend this ship to anyone that wants to have fun, eat well and meet nice people.
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