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Default Re: Spirit, Panama Canal Nov 1, 03

Hi KJ,
My husband and I are doing the same Itinerary the opposite way(Miami to San Diego) on April 1st. I have been reading all the different cruise boards and havn't seen alot about that particular intinerary. I know that we don't get off at the locks. You have to view them from the ship. Also there was one poster that went on this trip also aboard the Spirit(by the way I forgot to mention we will be on the Spirit also) and he said due to problems in Colombia, they didn't stop there. They went to Ocho Rios Jamaica instead. He went last November. I called Carnival to see if we were stopping in Colombia or not. The girl said it was still showing on the intinerary, but the Captain may decide after sailing to replace it with somewhere else. It's up to the Big Guy!!
Do you have a list of the available shore excursions? If not call Carnival or your TA and they will fax or E-mail them to you.
If you want to give me your e-mail address I can give you alot more info. when I get back . We are returning the Thursday before Easter so I probably would email you within the next couple of weeks after our return.
I may do a review on this board or or maybe both. I can let you know.
If you have any other basic questions feel free to ask I've been on many cruises(this will be my 12th). I'm not sure I'll have the answers, but I have been researching this trip for a few weeks now so you never know. !
Also this will be the second time on the Spirit (went to Hawaii last year on her) so if you have any questions about the ship, hopefully I can help you out.
Take Care
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