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We are from the Catskill's area of New York, a small town named Roscoe. Both early 40's, three children (who are staying home this cruise). My husband owns a real estate company and I am a RN, turned Nursing Home Administrator. That says something about my sanity level!

I have seen those picures. They are terific. Only 6 weeks left. YES!!!! Actually I am being cruise spoiled this year. Myself and three other girl friends are leaving on Carnavil Triumph on 7/15 for a four day cruise to Halifax, so I am going to get to check it out before my husband and I go 9/15. I hope the leaves will have at least started to change a bit early this year. We are in a balcony cabin on deck 9, How about you?

I signed up for the party so now there is 25! I guess its a go! I am surprised there isn't one passenger review posted any where yet. That is unless there is a site I haven't found.
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