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We are a little older than you.....Were baby boomers!! we have one son, married 7 years this September and just blessed us with out first Grandchild,a girl in April. My Husband is a Licenced Electtrician and I work part time in an office.

We have done a similar cruise twice on the Carnival left from Boston on a 4 day cruise.The stops in Maine are a first though.should be nice there. I too hope the leave have started to turn,but we might just be a little to early for that,we'll see!!!!! We don't have a balcony this time,and we are on deck # 4. We had planed to go to the caribiean on a cruise this past May, in fact it was all booked on Carnival's Destiny. we opped to cancel after 9/11 we just weren't ready to fly yet then the cruise line changed the itineraty on us and it was no longer the crusie that we had first booked,so we canceled,and decided on the fall cruise this year instead.

Haven't seen any passanger review on the Brillance either.
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