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Default Re: RCCL Drink Packages

lorilynn -
No, no, no!!! Please read my post above. IT DOES NOT PAY TO GET THE DRINK CARD - you will get the same prices by paying as-you-go AND the glasses are larger!!!!!! THERE IS NO DISCOUNT!!!!!! In fact, some drinks are CHEAPER as-you-go like the morning eye openers - bloody marys and screwdrivers - and the DRINK OF THE DAY - although some days good, some days not. That's OK if you don't believe me - you'll find out soon enough. You will be like us, drinking like crazy the last day because of the leftover drinks on the card. And by the way, you won't pay cash for anything - unless for gambling in the casino (and even that can be put on your room account) - all drinks will either be put on your room account (the RCCL card) OR punched from the prepaid card.
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