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Default Re: Can u bring alcohol Voyager

Chekc the RCL website - it should still say you can bring on wine and champagne to celebrate a special occasion (and I think vacation is a special occasion). We brought on 7 bottles (for our group of 10 people). We checked it in at the "liquor" desk and then that evening, once the ship was in international waters I went to the purser's desk to have it delivered to the stateroom. She asked which bottle - I said all - she suggested just having it delivered bottle but bottle to the dining room, but I said, as we didn't know what the menu was how would we know what to have delivered - and some of it was good red which needs to "breathe" a little before serving - so all 7 bottles were delivered to our room - we took it some to the dining room and drank some in our room as either champagne before dinner (with some room service appetizers) or dessert wine. Also, the $8 corkage fee is very reasonable. I am not sure our head waiter even charged us for this. We did buy one expensive bottle of wine the last night at dinner. And bought cocktails, and wine by the glass at dinner throughout the trip, so we never felt the head waiter or the bar waiter was in the least bit irritated that we brought wine a couple of nights to dinner. It was not wine available on the ship's wine list - and I think that was good - I don't think it would be appropriate to bring a bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay to dinner when it is on the ship's wine list. As to hard liquor, my mother-in-law likes a cocktail; we filled a listerine bottle (plastic) with bourbon, resealed it, put it in a zip-lock bag, packed it in the luggage the porters took on and never had a problem. Now, when we got to the ship, they handed us a brochure which said you couldn't bring on any alcohol - or words to that effect (though not quite that specific) but when I quoted the web site to them (and had a print out of that page) the wine was no longer a problem.
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