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Default Re: Celebrity Millenium vs. RC Explorer, Voyageur, Navigator

Can't help with "Celebrity" since more than half of my twenty-something cruises have been with "RCI" but I can tell you that you will be at the younger end of the spectrum with either one. Even though I am 52, my wife is 37, and we are often at the younger end of certain cruises. But having said that, don't let it bother you and my advice would be to shop both online and with a local TA so you can compare prices. When you are not locked in to a particular cruise, the agent has alot to work with and you are right that there is alot of value out there in the 6 week range (due to final payments being due in the 60-70 day range). Best wishes and feel free to e-mail me for any further info, Robbie
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