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Soitenly! We had a centered aft-facing balcony room which was quite nice until we found out the lounge underneath us had their speakers attached to the ceiling..OUR FLOOR in other words!! When we called to complain, the desk said they would ask them to turn them down but they never did. A follow-up call resulted in being told, "all we can do is ask them since they are a different department." All of the aft-facing cabins could hear the music but it was louder in some due to the placement of the speakers. We could sing along with the words inside our cabin so it was more than a minor nuisance at bedtime. "NCL" just didn't care and when I complained upon my return, "NCL" was disinterested so I sent them back my "Latitudes" card (we had one other cruise with them that didn't go well, brown bath water, and they were just as concerned that we complained then). Check you cabin location on "" or in your brochure to see if you can anticipate any noise problems and if I can be of any further help, feel free to e-mail me, Robbie
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