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Default Re: Tips for 1st timers?

Getting him to want to go again will most likley take care of itself. <G> Actually you may have to hold him back from booking the first one he sees after you return. The general idea is to 'be' a cruiser and go along with the program. If you are active then join in the activities, go to the shows, go dancing, dress up for dinner, talk to others and get involved. Know and set aside the suggested tip amount so you don't have that to worry about, get a large table and get to know your fellow cruisers, in Nassau go to the beach, go to Atlantis, or just go shopping and wander around town on your own, whatever you think will be fun for you. Go to our cruise review area and see what others have done on the same ship and ports, learn as much as you can about cruising, the ship, and the ports, and this is the best place to do so. Come to the chat at night and talk to other cruisers for hints. Heck, we even have a "first time cruiser' message board.

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