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Default Re: Concierge service????

we had one and they he did everything that one would at a fine hotel, the concept is that u should never have to stand in line, that anything you need they should do for you, infact once we were needing transfer to the airport and he later personally delivered them to the room, they also sent chocolate and champaigne to the room one several occasions, plus priority tender tickets. where you are the first off the ship and you wait to get off the the ship in a special lounge that are the people in the suites with you.
but don't forget the tip. NCL recomends 15 per person perday, we didn't tip that much but....... for me if you are already paying a lot more for conceirge services and have tip a lot on top of that
i wouldn't book any room just for that unless the priority tendering is worth it.........we loved it................but usually u are booking it b/c you want a certian suite. does this make sense write back for more questions
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