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Sue Sue
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Default Re: Tips for 1st timers?

Shorty, take a deep breath....let it out....slowly....ahh. Now, didn't that feel good. You probably know by now all about the activites available for your upcoming cruise. And believe me, there are a lot of activities. One thing you do not want to do is overwhelm yourself or hubby. First of all, get to the embarkation site early. Take a book and wait if you have too. One thing is you don't want to do is add being rushed to your intinerary. If hubby wants to take the laptop to play, fine. Then once on board, unload your stuff and explore the ship. Purchase the first beverage with some sort or umbrella thingy in it and get yourselves acquainted with the layout of your ship. Afterwards, listen up for instructions for your Muster Drill, signing up for shore excursions if you desire and what the evenings schedule holds for you. Dress for dinner, walk about the ship and take it easy. There are usually printed schedules that are in your cabin that will tell you what is going on the next day. Together, choose a tentative plan and go for it. (Don't forget your highlighter). If the plan needs to be changed, then go for it. If you find something else instead....GO FOR IT!. Are you getting my...drift? Cruising is great, just let it happen and your hubby should be able to find his niche. My husband's and my most favorite activity on board, is, NO activity. We have our "special place" that we take our books, or laptop with GPS and veg away some time with the warm tropical breeze flowing by our relaxed suntanned souls. Ahh, I can feel it now. Then , when the day is over, as you drift off to sleep, think about what your most favorite thing was and look forward to a new adventure for the next day.
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