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Default Re: Best of the Voyager Class Ships?

I have been on Explorer, Voyager, Adventure (in that order) and am going on Navigator in august. When Voyager first came out it was highly spoken about because of enormous size and entertainment options. For those of you who have been on any of the Voyager class ships you know that no other cruise can compare. Explorer, as you said seems to be spoken highly of. I am not exactly sure why this is but out of the three voyager class that I have been on I would say that Explorer was the best. I think this was because I did not have that great of a time on Adventure. We thought the good was not that great (probably because it left out of San Juan). Also leaving out of San Juan was not fun, it gets your cruise out on a bad start, especially when flying out from California and not staying at a hotel overnight. However I am very much looking forward to going on Navigator over the summer and Mariner of the seas in the near future, they have been refined and are much more elegant then the previous voyager class ships, the cabins are a little bit bigger and the baloneys sidings are all glass unlike the previous ships. They will also have more dining choices such as chops grill and Jade, and still portofino. Royal caribbean is my favorite cruise line, after being of around 10 RCCL cruises i still will say tho that their food does not match up to that of their partner line celebrity cruises. Either way, whichever voyager class ship you go on, you will have a cruise like none other
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