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Costa Maya- we experienced-rough seas going in--had to re-dock around other side of pier. but very clean- Basically it is a created port--with a very long pier, trams are provided which is good in the hot sun.. When you get to the village there are local folks dressed in Mayan costumes, music etc. It is a recreated village- cum shopping mall with a wide variety of shops & decent prices. There is a beautiful pool with many lounges, also a small beach I recall--water rough. I guess you could remain there for the day but would not see much--but there is not much to see except jungle anyhow. It was immaculate with bathrroms, food etc. There is a nearby Town which we did not go to. We took a snorkeling excursion about 35-40 min away, going on a nice big a/c/ coach bus. We went past local efforts to build up the port area,, a little rural school (seemed pooorly outfitted) & local housing--mostly very poor, but some nicer waterfront places. The snorkeling spt was very nice but I found the water too rough as I was not feeling well-- not many people thought there was not that much to see but it is a natural reef whihc can be less colorful.. there were three experience levels & we were well supervised. Bathrooms were rustic but the driver, snorkel guides & snack servers could not have been nicer & spoke English. All in all we enjoyed the ride there & back & then had plenty of time to shop for some Mexican pottery.. We skipped the aftrenoon entertaiment--just too hot! It seems like a port yo could do two or three times before repetition would set in...eventually though there will be some very hot waterfront properties--- whihc you can now get at low end prices Enjoy!
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