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Default Re: Cabin 1600 Brilliance/Radiance

You must have missed all the postings about the advantages of the aft facing cabins. They are phenominal and get much more balcony (and view) for the same price. Even though my budget only allows a category "D," I will be on the same deck on the "Radiance" again in Sept. so I really do love it. Now for the caveat; you need to enjoy the walk from the rear of the ship to the centrum elevators ( has real good ship layouts in their ship's database section). I don't mind at all but have seen people list is as a negative on the Radiance class of ship. And last thing, you do feel more movement at the rear but with these new ships, it is minimal. My wife and I love it but didn't subject my 74 year old Mom to it when we were on the "Radiance" last month. Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me, Robbie
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