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Default Re: Departure from Ensenada

We just cruised on the Vision of the Seas from Ensenada to Hawaii on May 18th. We flew in to San Diego. After a 3 1/2 hour wait at the Airport (due to RCCL mix up [they were at the other terminal even though they knew which flight we were arriving on and which terminal it would arrive to]), we boarded a bus with no suspension, no shocks for the ride from hell (it beat any E-ride at Disneyland!). Hours later, at least several, we arrived at the 'check in hotel' in Ensenada. THAT check in process was the smoothest part of the process! Then back on the bus for a very short ride to the pier. At that point we thought we were home free. Silly us. We then had to wait ON THE BUS as each bus unloaded a few people at a time. After another hour plus sitting there, we were ALLOWED to get off the bus. It was only then that we realized that the wait was so that RCCL could take photos of each person/group as they boarded the ship. Yes, you could opt to not have your photo taken (by that time we all looked like crap), but ONLY after you were allowed off the bus!

Needless to say, the process was horrible. Rediculus! Don't ever do it if you can avoid it!

Our flight arrived in San Diego before 10 AM and we did not board the ship until after 4:30 PM!! Ensnada is only about 30 miles from San Diego! You do the math!

THIS IS NOT A PASSENGER FRIENDLY PROCESS!!! - Especially since the ship had arrived that morning in San Diego to disembark the previous passengers, sailed empty to Ensenada. All because of the Jones Act!! Seems like we could have boarded in San Diego and then made a STOP at Ensenada to satisfy this antiquated law.

No, we're not bitter at all!

After that, we had a fabulous cruise!!!!!
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